Joelle Monaco's expertise expands over ten years in organizational development; she possesses extensive experience in planning, directing, and training enhancements for both employee and organizational success. Throughout Joelle’s professional experiences, she utilizes a strength-based approach in employee and organizational management. These experiences provide Joelle the professional opportunities to build the skills and abilities required to lead teams and empower employees to achieve professional and organizational goals while fostering a people-first approach.



* Why should companies care about mental health and wellness?

* The cost of depression in the workplace

* How can companies objectively assess how their employees are doing?

* The connection between stress and performance

* Leading with a people-first approach

* How do we create change?

* Do toxic work environments create trauma?

* One person can bring down an entire business

* The pandemic's effect on mental health

* What to do if you need help

* Resources for mental health

* Be the business that leads by example


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